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erdstar provides complete solutions on geographic mapping location-based services and related geo spatial technologies in innovative way that promise to transform how we do and how we do it.

Clean & Flat Design

It is our Policy to Provide Geospatial services that meet or exceed the expectation of our Clients by Implementation of Quality Management System. We Will Continuously Strive to Improve our Quality Management System through Training & Communication.

erdstar gives its best to support our clients in Mapping services.

"erdstar Company is an award-winning international Geomatics design consultancy. We create beautiful maps to improve efficiency in the workplace with an inclusive and sustainable design focus. Our bespoke GIS team has the efficiency handling spatial data and creating clear maps."

erdstar in Determination

We help clients improve performance by designing portfolios--supported by ... is overwhelmingly determined by the markets in which companies choose to.

erdstar in Security

Corporate security identifies and effectively mitigates or manages, at an early stage, any ... Security is there to help the company to take risks rather than prevent them and should therefore be at the forefront of new business development.

erdstar in eight Sigma Quality

Customers will take several dimensions into account when determining the service quality of a business, including tangibles, the physical features of a service; reliability, following through with promises; responsiveness, answering customers in a timely manner; assurance, trust that service providers understand their requirement

erdstar gives its best provides expertise in

•2-D and 3-D digital photogrammetric compilation

• Large scale engineering mapping

•Airfield database mapping

•Stereo airfield collection and obstruction mapping

•Support for all formats - CAD, Shapefile, Geodatabase, KML

•LiDAR-grammetry (collection from LiDAR data)

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